4-star hotel on the edge of the pool, we met our guide for the tour of Cappadocia tours. With our first tour guide we drank tea and coffee. Our tour guide tour here proğramı information told us about. We participated in Cappadocia Private tours. We first have to Urgup open-air museum with private vehicles. Urgup spread over a wide area, and since 1980 Since it is made very large excavation and restoration work. There are numerous cave and fairy chimneys in Goreme open air museum. People lived here, and religious They will worship. After spreading Christianity spread all over Europe here. Reserved cave we went to church, and in the prophets and Jesus and Mary image is decorated with mosaics. Finally, early in the morning we went to the Zelve open air museum here, which is very exciting and enjoyable and we attended the balloon tour. Balloon They gave celebration and champagne balloon flight certificate after the tour. We went to 250 feet above the ground, where many balloons were flying.

Cappadocia is a wonder of nature here is in the province of Newseh. Cappadocia is protected by Unesco as a protected area. Cappadocia Devrent Pasabag and went Pigeon valley and where we watched the flight of birds, including many first pigeon is here. The place we went to Uchisar and the highest peak of cappadocia cappadocia and a very nice view from here. Finally, we went to the Middle Hisar town and bay two-storey house, which here consists of orchards and in front of the house is a large number of apple trees are in the garden. Finally we went to the underground city of Derinkuyu and Pole. 5-7 storey underground cities where they move just keep people living with wine bread and water. 5,000 people here from Roman soldiers and bad winter weather refuge and used to hide.