Located on a beautiful day in the early morning in Istanbul Istanbul OldCity We met our tour guide. We participated in tours istanbul Private island. Our tour guide istanbul Date and told us very detailed information about the culture. Istanbul has been the world capital of culture in 2010, and here many civilizations lived here. Private vehicle  Istanbul Kabatas ferry pier and we have to have a large island istanbul ferry ride lasted 1.5 hours after the ferry from here. Island of numerous works made during our journey, we passed the time of the Ottoman Empire by ferry from the front. First of Istanbul, which is a part of the European continent in a single city in asia and the middle of the sea and the bosphorus. Then there was the first Beylerbeyi palace, and here was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid and is used as a summer palace. Istanbul uskudar In the region close to the coast there is Maiden Tower in the middle of the sea. girl tower is the symbol of Istanbul
building one.

It was so nice to watch the sea during our time of 1.5 hour ferry journey and where we drank tea and ate pretzels. We even at the bakery on the ferry during subsequent bird seagull gull birds ate our ferry journey and keep the air was very nice. First, we have had here Burgas island and the smallest island of the island is very beautiful beaches Kinal had the beach and the sea. We had great island after island heybeli. Before we got to the square of the island and this is a very nice bakeries selling ice cream. Cars and motor vehicles is prohibited on all islands. Transportation is only done by bicycle and horse carriage carriages. Very nice island, dating from the Ottoman period consists of a very nice two-storey bay mansion. In front of the mansion is decorated with many beautiful flowers and trees. Finally ADACO wooded island somewhere and ormanklık are many private picnic areas.