After 4 hours of highway bus ride from Istanbul we went OldCity special boutique hotel in Canakkale. The hotel is in a great sea and canakkale OldCity had bosphorus view. Canakkale OldCity made with a two-storey bay Ottoman Empire architecture is composed of a two-storey balconied houses. Canakkale OldCity very wooded and forested place. Canakkale hotel were very large and spacious room. We got up early in the morning and the hotel restaurant which was very nice of 150 people had the capacity. We made the first organic and natural with all the wonderful buffet breakfast unlimited. Then our tour guide with Canakkale Troy located at the beachfront We met in front of the statue. first as a large number of magazines and books and finally documentary about Canakkale Troy has played with Brad Pitt in the 2002 film. Troy movie The sculptures are exhibited here at used. Private tours we joined, we have to Troy Troy and open-air museum with the private car takes about 20-25 minutes. Troy culture and explained in great detail about the history. Troy has experienced numerous civilizations. first as a castle 90 meters wide, is as old as humanity troy. In the last layer are made works of ancient Greek and Roman empires and buildings made on time. A small theater with a capacity of 10,000 people and demonstration center. At the same time formed a single-storey building of the Temple of Troy and Troy were in the middle of the road King of the ancient city full. Finally Hemeros described in the saga at Troy Iley secretly enters the castle gate soldiers who secretly hiding the statue and castle door opens and the winning side of the war happen.