Pamukkaled we went 4-star hotel and were quite large and spacious room. We got up early and after breakfast we met a nice tour at the hotel with our guide. first time we had about 20-25 minutes by car to Pamukkale private open-air museum. Hirepolis ancient city here. Greek and Roman empires of the ancient city Pamukkale is made on time and experienced many civilizations. had first huge 25,000-person capacity theater and the exhibition center. Very nice stone work done and this is a very nice renovation and restoration after a very special concerts and shows are held here. The theater is very nice acoustic and There is light system. Composed of a single storey structure and has a very nice architecture that Hirepolis Temple. In the middle of the city which is very spacious and large There are king way. The goods in the excavations are exhibited here sculptures and monumental tombs. Pamukkale cotton castle we went and it's a wonder of nature spread over a wide area in the cotton fields. Denizli Pamukkale is within the province of Unesco

is protected by a conservation area. Pamukkale formation of mountains from the cooling of the hot water and after evaporation the resulting cotton soil formed as soft and white. Pamukkale is like a mountain or castle made of cotton. Pamukkale is forbidden to walk in the shoes shoes walked up the hill to the highest peak. There was little water birkinti and 7 small pool on the road. There are beautiful views of the highest top Pamukkale Pamukkale. The goods in the excavations are exhibited in sculpture and monumental tombs Pamukkale Museum. Pamukkale Thermal Pools and Clopatr Clopatr to place the medicinal water, which went between the ancient pool and temperature of 20-25 degrees was used as a place of beauty and health center